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Mission & Objectives

  • To contribute to the strengthening of resources for Civil Engineering as well as Architectural Engineering.
  • To interface with leading institutions for knowledge sharing and engaging in research and dissemination of related knowledge for the development and also in making it available for the benefit of Society as well as policy making organizations.
  • To create institution of excellence for promoting skill based programmes in the field of Civil Engineering as well as Architectural Engineering.
  • To develop content of course curriculum and research in the field of Technical Education with special reference to Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering.
  • To create an environment where Civil Engineers/Architects could take active role in the international community and where Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering technologies may contribute to the amenities for the people at national & international levels.
  • To provide high quality educational programmes for the candidates to enable them to achieve success in their immediate as well as long term professional careers and as practitioners in their respective fields.
  • To create an understanding and appreciation of professional and ethical responsibility in the practice of Civil & Architectural Engineering.

  • To provide awareness of professional as well as technical education.
  • To arrange and manage undergraduate and postgraduates programs in the field of Civil Engineering as well as Architectural Engineering.
  • To conduct research in the field of technical education with special reference to Civil and Architectural Engineering.
  • To provide professional literacy and other social activities by awareness program in the form of seminars and camps.
  • To serve as an agency for effective dissemination of information related to Civil Engineering as well as Architectural Engineering, henceto publish newsletters, bulletins or journals and use such other means as felt necessary to further this purpose.
  • To conduct vocational training program in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To purchase, acquire the land and building in the name of Society and make its construction.
  • To publish or cause to be published and to print learning and other material developed by the Society.
  • To prescribe rules and conditions for registration of candidates for appearing in examinations in Civil Engineering as well as Architectural Engineering in consonance with and necessary for the proper fulfillment of its objectives.
  • To appoint committees or sub committees as deemed fit to carry out the objectives of the Society and to prescribe rules and regulations for the proper functioning of such committees.
  • To do other things, acts, activities, which may be necessary and incidentally conducive to the attainment of objectives of the Society.
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