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Registration of Chartered Engineers


The Institution of Civil Engineers (India) came into existence in 2005 with the objective of supporting and promoting professional learning, managing professional ethics and safeguarding the status of Engineers, Architects and representing the interest of the respective profession in dealing with the Government and various other sectors of the Society.

The Institution of Civil Engineers (India) conducts the Degree and Diploma level Examination in Civil Engineering & Architecture Engineering twice a year for those, who for various reasons,cannot fulfill their ambition to become Degree or Diploma Engineers but take up employment at lower level. They want to upgrade their educational qualification and improve their employment status.

The MHRD, Govt. of India gave recognition to the AMICE(I) and T. Engg. Examinations conducted by ICE(I) which are equivalent to Degree and Diploma in Civil/Architecture Engineering respectively vide their Gazette Notification No.F.24-1/2007-TS.III. dated 6th November, 2007 for the purpose of employment to the posts and services under the Central Government in the appropriate field.

The Mission of the Institution is to promote and strengthen Civil Engineering in the Country and make it accessible to the masses to propel their professional growth. ICE(I) is now associated with Centre and State Governments in many of the Skill Development projects as Project Implementing Agency and Training Partner of NSDC and others. The Institution has made a name at both National and International level during these years.

ICE(I) has been member of FICCI, ASSOCHAM, Engineering Council of India and Quality Council of India.

ICE(I) is also member of ACECC (Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council) which has membership of 14 Societies from different countries e.g. United States of America, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar.

ICE(I) has also entered into Memorandum of Understanding with the following International Organizations for various Research and Exchange Programmes.

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE)
  • Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineers (CICHE)
  • Mongolian Association of Civil Engineers (MACE)
  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)

ICE(I) is hosting 9th CECAR (Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region) which is one of the major activity of ACECC (Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council). Leaders and decision makers from Government, academia, industry, and the public sector get together to discuss the issues of infrastructure development in the Asian Region and disseminate developments and potential solutions to the world.

CECAR is held every 3 years with participants from ACECC member countries and others.

CECAR 9 will be held at Goa, India (The Land of Beaches and City of Churches) from 21st – 23rd September, 2022.

The Institution provides different Grades of Membership and thousands of candidates have taken advantage of this facility, upgrading their qualifications and status in the society.

The Associate Membership granted by the Institution is equivalent to degree level qualifications which has been recognized by the Centre/ State Governments and Public and Private Sector organizations in the country and abroad.

The Associate Membership holders having vast experience in the field have been aspiring for a higher level position which would enable them to be entrusted with Projects to develop engineering solutions to problems, to develop new technologies & improve designs and efficiency in the field of Engineering Application and their involvement in evaluation and assessment of existing Engineering and Industrial Projects and contribute in the growth of the nation.

The ICE(I) considered this aspect of upgradation of the Grades of Membership and decided to incorporate “Corporate Engineers” as another category of membership to facilitate its Associate Members, to gain this position with the style and title as “CharteredEngineers”. The Chartered Engineer is the one who has degree level qualifications, who continuously upgrades his skills and knowledge in his chosen domain and conforms to the code of ethics of ICE(I). Code of Ethics of ICE(I) is available on the website of ICE(I) www.ice.net.in/code-of-ethics-for-corporate-members.php

The position of Chartered Engineer entails the following advantages:

  1. Acceptance of one’s techno-academic qualification and professional attainments on a global platform.
  2. To practice as self-employed Consultant in India and abroad.
  3. This title of Chartered Engineer “C.Eng. [ICE(I)]”is superior to the general lot and therefore attracts higher perks and value.
  4. This title instills a pride which enables him to perform well and show better results.
  5. Entitles the candidates to avail concessional rates for attending International Conferences.
  6. Receives all publications and material produced by ICE(I)to broaden his vision and outlook.
  7. Invitations to attend all Conferences /Workshops / Programs organized by ICE(I).
  8. ICE(I) would honour such candidates at the programmes for contribution in the field of upgradation of the Engineering Profession.
  9. Facility to submit Abstracts / Full papers in the Conferences hosted by ICE(I) and other events held in India and abroad.
  10. Acceptance of the status abroad for better position as compared to normal degree holders.
  11. Can compete for empanelment with Banks/ Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions with this Title.
  12. Participation in Government bodies as a member where higher qualifications than the degree is required.
  13. Winning of Civil works from Corporations and similar Government bodies.
  14. The names of the Chartered Engineers would appear on the website of the Institution which will expose them to the prominence for obtaining their services by the prospective employers.
  15. The position further adds up to the CV of the candidates to be given preferential treatment while considering for better employment.

Eligibility for Certification

  1. AMICE(I) or Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering / equivalent qualification as approved by the AICTE/ Government of India.
  2. Three years’ experience as an Engineer of which atleast one years in a responsible position in Engineering activity.
  3. Life Membership of ICE(I).

Process of Selection

  1. All applications for Chartered Engineers shall be made on the prescribed Application form which can be downloaded from the website of ICE(I).
  2. A Selection Board of renowned Engineers will make online selection as per schedule notified.
  3. The decision of the Selection Board shall be final and binding.

Membership Fee

  1. Rs. 3000/- (non-refundable). The fee is subject to renewal after every five years.
  2. The fee should be drawn in favour of ICE(I) through NEFT/Demand Draft payable at Ludhiana which should accompany the Application form.


All candidates who apply for grant of the status if Charted Engineer and who are selected by the selection board of ICE(I) will be certified by the ICE(I) and granted Certificate thereof.

Download Registration Form

For further queries Kindly Contact us at +91-9899118475.

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